Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Revealed: Staggering cost of fraudsters to victims on online dating sites.

Fraudsters using online dating sites conned thousands of victims out of more than £33 million last year alone.

Police disclosed that 3,543 people reported they had been targeted by romance scams in 2014/15, with a total financial loss of £33,650,491.

Action Fraud and the City of London Police have today launched a 13-day campaign to identify common myths around fraud and cyber crime. They said one example was the belief that users of dating websites are vetted before they are allowed to have a membership, when this is "very rarely" the case.

A City of London Police spokeswoman said: "The reality is that most dating websites allow people to sign-up to the website without vetting checks, which means that fraudsters are able to use the website to target people online and defraud them.

"Dating fraudsters are often particularly convincing and if the person also thinks that they have already been vetted by the dating website, it makes it even easier for the fraudster to manipulate their victim." A number of cases have highlighted the risk of dating fraud.

Last year four men were jailed in connection with a dating website scam which targeted single women looking for love online and saw victims hand over a total of £220,000.

Earlier this month a Bentley-driving lonely hearts fraudster was jailed for eight years for conning five women, including an elderly widow, out of almost £200,000.

Car salesman Matthew Samuels, 50, of Worcester, was said by a judge to have caused "incalculable" damage to a bereaved victim who handed him money from an inheritance. He was also convicted of duping the mother of a woman he met online with a bogus promise of a Wimbledon debenture.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fun facts about flirting.

  1. People flirt to bond or to express sexual interest. Flirting is a universal and essential form of human interaction.
  2. Flirting is a series of non-verbal and verbal actions we do when expressing our interest in or attraction to another person. It is playful, non-threatening, and sometimes subconscious. It’s about displaying and reading body language.
  3. Researchers have identified five general styles of flirting: 1) physical, 2) traditional (men should make the first move), 3) polite (both less likely to approach a potential partner), 4) sincere, and 5) playful (flirting for fun). Those with physical, sincere, and playful styles have more dating success, though each is effective depending on what the goal of flirting is.
  4. Within general styles of flirting are over 52 specific “flirting signals.” For women, the most common is the hair flip.
  5. Studies show that women initiate flirting 90% of the time. Although men seem to do most of the pursuing, they actually do so because they perceive that women invited their advances through flirting.
  6. Common flirting pitfalls include 1) picking the wrong person to flirt with, 2) not knowing how to approach, 3) worrying that something awful will happen, and 4) not accurately reading the signals from the other person.
  7. Researchers suggest women wear red-hued lipstick while flirting. A Manchester University study tracked the eye movements of men and found that they looked at red lips for 7.3 seconds and pink for 6.7 seconds.
  8. A study in the journal Social Influence found that ladies were more likely to give out their phone numbers to guys who flirted with them on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days. Researchers say people may be in a better mood on sunny days or men may be better flirters in good weather.
  9. The most attractive people are not necessarily the ones who receive the most attention. Instead, people who are the most effective flirters usually attract the most attention.
  10. Men have 10–20 times more testosterone than women and, consequently, are more likely to view interactions in terms of sex. Men, therefore, more than women tend to misread flirting signals and mistake friendly behavoir for flirting.
  11. Research suggests that to be a brilliant flirt, a person needs to approach it as though they can’t fail. Flirting is about attitude. 
Happy Flirting!