Saturday, 19 September 2015

Happy 27th Birthday Sara Eden!

I can't believe it is 27 years ago today since I started Sara Eden. 

After recovering from a broken shoulder my friends both male and female would come to see me and complain about how difficult it was to find a partner. It was 1988 and those of us in our 20's were working hard and playing hard, we had it all  -  except a partner!

Wow how times have changed, way back then people thought a dating agency for professionals would never work. Well 27 years later and with thousands of successful matches behind us, I can safely say it has! And we have bulging files of thank you letters and photographs from grateful clients to prove it!

Looking forward to the next 27 years...

Love to all


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

7 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Your Ideal Mate

1. Be Clear About Your Intention
Just like when you look for a job, you have an idea of what type of job you are looking for, where it would be located, or what industry it would be in.
When seeking a mate, know what you want or maybe what you don’t want in a partner. Use these qualities as a guide, not as a rule. 
2. Take Inventory
Look around your home and make an inventory. The inventory should include the things that you find pleasing, and those that you don't find so pleasing.
Identify those things that invoke a pleasant or not so pleasant emotional response.
Whether it’s that rug you trip on every day, the table you walk into, or the beloved painting that your grandmother did for you. Identify all of these items.
Do the best you can, don’t worry if you have difficulty identifying your response to some of the items.
3. Review Your List
Review your list and identify where those emotions come from. Are they unhappy memories of the past?
Are they a sense of lacking in your life currently? In Feng Shui, there is a tenet “Everything is Alive.”
So if these things were alive, what person in your life would they be? Would you want that person around your home 24×7?
Consider removing those items that don’t bring you a sense of joy.
The items that do bring you joy will be well placed in the areas where you spend the most time so that they are in view frequently.
4. Build Your Vision
Most people are familiar with the use of vision boards: a collage of pictures and statements mounted on poster board and displayed as a reminder of what we want to attract into our life. 
If you had difficulties in the last couple of steps discerning the positive from the not so positive, this step will help. Go back through your inventory list.
Make note of those items that you would select to be included in your vision board. There are going to be some “neutral” items, that’s ok.
The point is to get clear which items support your goal and which items don’t support your vision and gradually work toward removing the non-supportive and replacing with supportive items.
5. Keep Up with Yourself
Another tenet in Feng Shui is that everything is constantly changing. Remember the Yin Yang symbol? That is not a static symbol.
The picture is static, but the symbol actually represents constant motion.
That is what life is, constant motion.
So when using Feng Shui in your home, you may want to make frequent adjustments to keep up with yourself.
As you, your life, and your vision evolve, you will want your environment to evolve with you.
An environment that is stagnant is an environment that drains rather than supports.
Keep your environment evolving with you and your visions.
6. Clear Your Clutter
Clutter can be Active or Stagnant. Active clutter is all those works-in-progress projects you will get around to finishing. Stagnant clutter is negative and produces negative energy. 
7. Bring in Love
Now that you’ve done an inventory and cleared your clutter, you’ve created a powerful foundation to build your vision upon. There are many Feng Shui tips for the bedroom and living room.
Some of the most common are:
– Bring in things that you’d have in your home if you were with your ideal mate
– Place decorative items in pairs to represent being in a couple
– Hang pictures that represent love, relationships or romance
– Reserve the bedroom for sleeping and romance only
Follow these Feng Shui tips and your home will be your vision board, helping you attract your ideal mate.
Good luck

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The handy guide to finding a more attentive boyfriend.

Want to know whether your potential suitor will pay for dinner before you accept his offer of a date?
Check out his fingers.

The length of a man’s digits can predict his dating behaviour, according to research. Men with ‘masculinised fingers’ – those with a short index finger in comparison to their ring finger – are more likely to make greater efforts towards impressing someone they are romantically interested in, the study found.

They are more likely to give romantic gifts like flowers and chocolates to their love interest, and buy them dinners in nice restaurants. They are also more likely to take care of their appearance - wearing stylish clothes, and applying expensive aftershave for their date. They tend to work out in the gym ‘to be more attractive’, and will ‘show off expensive items to women’ during a date, according to the study, led by Montreal University’s business school, HEC Montreal.

Previous research has found that the ratio of our fingers is linked to the amount of the ‘male’ hormone testosterone that we are exposed to when we are developing in the womb.

So the shorter the index finger to the ring finger, the greater the testosterone exposure. ‘Therefore, prenatal testosterone drives men to put more time and energy into buying products and services in order to impress women,’ said lead author of the study, Dr Marcelo Nepomuceno.

The study of 1,000 people, which has just been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, also found that women with highly feminised fingers – i.e. a longer index finger to ring finger – were more likely to make a greater effort to attract potential boyfriends. 

So perhaps we should check out finger length at interview......